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Make sure your house is the most comfortable place on earth by ensuring the levels of humidity are optimal. Purchase a dehumidifier for home and either install it or put in your room to enjoy the highest level of convenience.

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Be sure to guarantee your utmost comfort humidity levels, whether you are in the pool, cruising around in your caravan, or relaxing in your shed with a well-chosen dehumidifier.

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Ensure the highest level of comfort to your employees and customers alike by installing a dehumidifier, as no one likes the excess level of humidity. Your repair budget will go down while your income skyrockets.

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Industrial Dehumidifiers for construction sightes

Be sure to complete your construction in record time with these dehumidifiers. An arid environment will guarantee fast drying of the ongoing work, thus ensuring high quality and quick delivery of the results.

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Dehumidifiers Store is a customer-centric company, and we pride ourselves with striving to achieve 100% satisfaction form our clients. All our services speak to that, and with us, you will have a genuinely hassle-free shopping experience.

About Dehumidifiers Store

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What are dehumidifiers and why would you need one?
Dehumidifier uses
Why choose Dehumidifiers Store?

Humans need a certain level of humidity in the house to feel comfortable and at ease. 

When people live in dry areas, what they lack is some humidity in the air and purchase devices to do that for them. 

On the contrary, when you live in an area with very high humidity, you need a dehumidifier, in order to feel comfortable in your own home.

A dehumidifier is a device that sucks the humidity out of the air, making it drier. 

How it works, is that the dehumidifier takes the air in the area – a room, a bathroom, an office, whatever it may be, through fans, dries it through cooling coils, that condolences the air. Later on, the air passes through the heated coils to dry it and blows out. 

Why would you need an easy home dehumidifier though?

Well, the key reason for it would be to dry the air. What if you live right next to the sea in a highly humid tropical country? Imagine adding to that allergies? You can surely benefit from a bit of dry air in that case. 

Another scenario would be having mould in the house, which can cause a number of health issues. 

If you also want to battle damp cereal, never drying clothes and reduce the possibility of corrosion and rust on your metal objects in the house like computers, tools and electronics. 

So let us list all the rationale that is behind this great purchase. 

Reasons for owning a small dehumidifier

We have stated above some of the arguments in favour of an easy home dehumidifier

  • There are lots of things that flourish in a humid environment that can cause allergies like dust mites, mildew and mould. All that can be fixed with a mini dehumidifier. In these cases, you should use it often and make sure that the air is at a nice and comfortable humidity level. 
  • A bathroom dehumidifier, for example, will also make sure there is no unpleasant smell, that the particles listed above may extract. The rotting or musty smell usually occurs in the bathroom and no one ever likes it. Plus, as mentioned above it can be downright dangerous, thus getting one of the best dehumidifiers will help you combat that unpleasant situation. 
  • Air dehumidifiers are a great asset to prevent the development of such unpleasantries as mould on your furniture, clothes, curtains, especially bathtub curtains and much more. 
  • There are also health benefits of owning a room dehumidifier. In case you have sensitive skin or respiratory systems that get irritated a lot, you will feel much better with this device. It will help you reduce such irritations, as there are a lot of particles in the moist air, and it is much denser than dry air. There are also cases of asthmatic people feeling much better in the dryer environment, thus putting the electric dehumidifier on their priority list. 
  • If you are not the one who likes cleaning or does it often, know that there are some improvements in that area too when it comes to running a compact dehumidifier in your house. Since it takes the moisture out of the air, the dust attaches itself to the water particles in the air, as they are heavier, and subsequently, will stay in the filter of your dehumidifier for bedroom, let’s say, thus making your work of cleaning so much easier and much more seldom. 
  • If you invest in a low energy dehumidifier, it will also bring your overall costs for A/C down as well. When the air in your house is humid, the A/C has to cool the air and remove the humidity at the same time. That makes it run on in a higher capacity which results in a lot of energy consumption. It also results in quicker wear out, and then you have to spend money on repairs or replacing the air conditioning altogether. However, when you make sure the air is at the right humidity level with the use of a compact dehumidifier, the costs go down, the A/C stays in a good working condition for a longer time and your electricity bill won’t look like you have to look for the second job to pay for it.
  • There is another very good reason to look for the best dehumidifier UK has to offer and invest in it – the fact that your comfort will only improve and your life will not be disturbed by any level of added noise. Most easy home dehumidifiers will just quietly run in the background, and you won’t even notice that they are there. Plus, your cereals, your oats and bread will stay fresh and nice longer, without getting stale, and you will enjoy the crunchy texture of it.

We have discussed in full all the benefits of having an air dehumidifier in the house. Now let’s see what are the various uses for it. 

There are a lot of different ones out there like bathroom dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers for bedrooms, even industrial dehumidifiers

All of them are used with one main reason in mind, which is to get rid of the extra humidity in the place of your business or residence. 

We have talked about how your house can benefit from an electric dehumidifier, but haven’t spoken yet in regards to industrial ones. 

The industrial dehumidifier is a great asset if you run a factory or a manufacturing facility of any sort and use materials in your production that are made of metal. You don’t want rust or corrosion to develop on your equipment, which is usually very expensive and repairs or replacements can cost you a fortune. 

You also don’t want any of the products that you are manufacturing to come out of the factory already slightly damaged or develop unwanted rust or corrosion in the near future. That would mean you are not manufacturing high-quality products, and that’s just not true. So don’t let the high humidity interfere with your business and invest in one of many dehumidifiers UK has to offer. 

Choosing the best dehumidifier 

When it comes to the question of which dehumidifier to purchase, there are many things to consider and many different types of dehumidifiers to choose from like commercial dehumidifiers, leisure dehumidifiers and so on.  

First of all the choice need to come out of your needs. Do you need a dehumidifier for bedroom? Do you need an electric or a non electric dehumidifier? Or maybe you need a bathroom dehumidifier

You can even stumble upon a dehumidifier sale, and with some luck, you can find something you are looking for and that will suit your needs perfectly.

Now let’s look into the different types of dehumidifiers UK has to offer and understand how you can go about choosing the one that would be perfect for you. 

Categories of dehumidifiers 

Here are the 3 main types of dehumidifiers, based on the distinction of their operation:  Whole House, Refrigerant and Desiccant. 

Let’s start from the beginning and see each one in detail, and what advantages each one has. 

Electric dehumidifiers 

Electric or Refrigerant ones work close to how A/C or fridge works. They take the air of the room through the fans, cool it, condense it, and then heat it up and blow it out. 

Those ones are great in normal room temperatures, however, the performance declines drastically in cooler spaces. The main reason is that the cooling coils form ice, which may happen at any temperatures below 18°C. 

In case you want to use this as an ordinary room dehumidifier, then you will get great results and enjoy the nice and comfortable atmosphere in your house.

Desiccant Dehumidifier  

You surely have seen those small packs of crystal balls that say “silica gel” on it that come with shoes, computers, cameras, and many other products. Those are the desiccants, which pretty much means a material that absorbs water.    

There are 2 main types: electric and non electric dehumidifiers

Electric desiccant dehumidifiers work the following way. The fan blows the air into the wheel full of desiccant, which slowly turns and absorbs the moisture in the air. The air “activates” the desiccant and the formed water is collected in the tank or can also be drained automatically through the pipe. 

Those kinds are usually on a lighter and smaller scale than the refrigerant ones. Plus they work great in cooler conditions, thus are a great option for spaces like garages, basements and workshops. 

However, they tend to be more power-consuming, something like 600-800 W/hour. 

Non electric dehumidifiers don’t use energy to function and thus are the best choice for long-term use. They also fall under the category of compact dehumidifiers thus perfect for the house or room. 

How it works is that it has a tank or a bag with the absorbent inside in a form of crystal or gel that is usually made of hygroscopic materials. Those are great in absorbing the moisture from the surroundings.  

Whole-House Ventilation Systems  

Those are the best dehumidifiers that are built into the whole ventilation system and are proven to be quite effective. They are very quiet in operation and very cost-effective. They can even be installed by non-professionals and guarantee a drier, fresher, and condensation-free house.  

Dehumidifiers Store is a store that specializes in offering the best and most popular dehumidifiers on the market. We do our research and offer only the highest quality of products.  

We have a renege of the best dehumidifiers UK has to offer and you will surely find something that will suit your needs perfectly. 

There are also many other reasons why you should consider the Dehumidifiers Store for your next purchase of a compact and low energy dehumidifier

At Dehumidifiers Store, customers’ interests are something we put at the core of all our operations. A truly customer-centric approach is what has proven to work for us in the past, and we are continuing the same course until today. With your needs in mind, we have created a number of services that will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. 

First of all, we offer free delivery! No matter where you are, in a busy London or in Durness in the far north, you will get your new room dehumidifier for free. No additional costs! 

Another advantage of doing business with the Dehumidifiers Store and getting a home dehumidifier is the 2-year warranty across all of our products. You will not have to think about repairs or set money aside for accidents or just in case something might go wrong. We got you covered! 

We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you have 30 days after the purchase to return the product for a full refund. If, for some reason, your new electric dehumidifier didn’t fit your needs, do contact us and we will figure out the best course of action. In case the refund is what you need, then that’s what you will get. 

We also have a 24/7 customer support line that is there to assist you with any needs you might have. We are here for you whether you need help with choosing the right bathroom dehumidifier, need to figure out the payment system, want to know the shipping status, or simply need some help with setting up the device. 

Prices at Dehumidifiers Store are proven to be the most competitive ones out there, making sure that we offer the best prices for the best dehumidifiers UK has to offer.

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